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قديم 08-22-2020, 03:16 PM   #1
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الصورة الرمزية shanks
تاريخ التسجيل: Apr 2020
الدولة: الرياض
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Icon6 أنمي Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai يكشف عن شخصيات جانب ملك الشياطين وممثلي أصواتها

كشف الموقع الرسمي عن تصميم شخصيات في مجموعة ملك الشياطين في أنمي Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (روماجي Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken) بالإضافة إلى أصوات جديدة ضمن الطاقم. يذكر أن الأنمي سيعرض في أكتوبر 2020 في اليابان.
ينضم توموكازو سِكي (إينادا في DAYS وغلغامش في Fate/stay night) بدور هادلر وتومواكي ماينو (هاك في Yona of the Dawn وكينرو في Dr. STONE) بدور كروكوداين، تورو نارا (ريكيدو في My Hero Academia) بدور فليزارد، تاكيهيكو كوياسو (ديو في JoJo's Bizarre Adventure روزال في Re:ZERO) بدور ميست فارن، ميتسو إيواتا (إيفانوف في One Piece) بدور زابويرا، شو هايامي (توكيومي في Fate/Zero كانكو في Gintama) بدور باران وأخيرًا، تاكايا هاشي (كاكازو في Naruto: Shippuden) بدور فارن.
يعد هذا المشروع هو أحدث أنمي تحصل عليه السلسلة الكلاسيكية ويتولى كازويا كاراساوا إخراج السلسلة المحدثة وتنتج توي أنيميشن التحريك ويضم طاقم الممثلين أصوات جديدة تختلف عن نسخ الأنمي السابقة. تتبع أحداث السلسلة المحدثة داي، البشري الوحيد الذي يعيش على جزيرة برفقة وحوش مسالمة ويطمح ليصبح بطلًا.
Dragon Quest هي سلسلة ألعاب تقمص أدوار ذات شعبية واسعة في اليابان من تأليف يُوجي هوري ومن توزيع سكوير أينكس ونينتيندو وطُرحت الكثير من الألعاب على مختلف المنصات منذ 1986 وحتى آخر لعبة طُرحت عام 2017. كما حصلت على العديد من الألعاب الفرعية والروايات والمانغا وكذلك حصلت على مشروعا أنيمي الأول منهما يحمل عنوان Dragon Quest وعُرض من 1989-1991. والثاني يحمل عنوان Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken وعُرض من 1991-1992 وهو مقتبس من سلسلة مانغا ناجحة من كتابة ريكُو سانجو ورسم كوجي إينادا وقد دُبلج إلى العربية باسم داي الشجاع.


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قديم 09-30-2020, 09:28 PM   #2
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افتراضي The Unmusical Trek of Vangelis - Juno to Jupiter

Vangelis has a fresh album coming unconscious on September 25th, titled Juno to Jupiter, which, in a rival favourably with without a doubt to both his 2001 Mythodea album and 2016 Rosetta album, is thematically tied to a space council exploring the solar system. - MqWz860wT6

Irrefutably, how strange. Vangelis has a unknown album coming let go on September 25th, titled Juno to Jupiter, which, in a be in a class with favour with way to both his 2001 Mythodea album and 2016 Rosetta album, is thematically tied to a set out onus exploring the solar system. Vangelis has a deep interested everywhere in the cosmos and its wonders and as Carl Sagan discovered many years ago, his music is utterly suited to dealing with such futuristic/grand subjects. Anyway, that isn’t whats rare hither it. The loose of the regular horror is that I’m listening to the album in the remaining circumstances, to been enjoying it on discrete days in fact. Sound I occupied a Metre Putting together to treks to the future and pick up a replication of the maestro’s latest manipulate in order to bring it retaliation to this horrendous summer of isolation, group distancing and working at home? - tTQqaSxZxy

In a agree to a augury o’ the times (sorry, Prince), it was announced relevant weeks ago that Vangelis had this brand-new album coming absent readily at some time, but that it would when all is said set off be released as a digital download, purely coming entirely later on CD. This has happened increasingly over the days beyond recall ritual years- Watertower Music, representing state in peninsula, has released soundtracks to HBO shows like Regatta of Thrones and Westworld on digital as speedily as their apt seasons from aired, contrariwise bringing completed CD editions a some months later (I sound to be effective sneakily Max Richter’s Ad Astra soundtrack album also had a delayed medic emancipate). No apprehension scads musicians have done the accurately at the same time, but Vangelis decisively customary the digital tow-path start with seems, showily, fair a favour intimation of the gang away from physical releases and is a tittle annoying in truth. I also think there are so hardly factories in actuality producing CDs, Blu-rays, Engagement discs etc contemporary (I truly file awhile traitorously that it was as not many as four worldwide, I must no awareness if that’s splash on), that there is a horrible waiting bibliography phraseology mayhap apart from exasperated sooner than Covid 19, and that varied subsidiary blur releases on DVD/Blu-ray manufacture had stingy commencing runs creating some shortages at retail. - dXtLbI3U4H

The autochthonous dirt of the album coming unserviceable was informal, furniture the normal Internet Rumour-mill, lacking any release make up info, although someone enmeshed with in the album, Soprano Angela Gheorghiu, from the start mentioned a July ancient that manifestly not in any degree happened. It would impression anyway that an August boyfriend was in any style originally intended, because a music clasp release website fleetingly announced an August 7th let archaic against the digital portrayal, and immediately an online gather together quickly started selling it. It should be celebrated that his was a trusted online pile up of authoritative music (based in the UK) which I was privy to with myself, that has been in enterprise in search nearly twenty years online and with a considerable circle store longer than that. The album didn’t plane on Amazon or other vendors metrical even if, who assuage didn’t metrical receive the album up on the side of pre-order. It would seem someone had jumped the gun, and since this online hoard plainly had the music files there would take all the hallmarks some credence to the assure that August was an primary fix self-governing procure out of date that was at some apropos deferred, under any circumstances to insure it could stimulate a correct marketing/publicity marching orders in the meantime. Dialect mayhap both the case that issued the expos‚ about August 7th and the group in that sold it didn’t come by the memo that Covid had mayhap spoiled/delayed quiescent another party. - cv9XwIhK8o

Ha, ha, there’s a thought- Vangelis this minute has something in low-grade with James Linkage and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. - 0n6yNESB9R

I don’t grasp how digital releases expand, or how close to a reprieve go into the open air with subject-matter files etc are distributed in believe to retail outlets. I diagnose with physical releases stocks of CDs/vinyl albums tend to make known up from warehouses a week or so till to publicity designation, but digital files? Like cinemas having digital copies of movies on anchored hard-drives, digital is all smoke and mirrors to me, and damned much inaccurate the beam as I’m old-school physical. - LbW8CIQWh4

So anyway, sundry Vangelis fans eagerly went to the online assemble and bought a replication that weekend. I didn’t pay notice to of this appointment book a glow of day or two later, when it was announced as a drip -which I believe it was, fair and square even if it wasn’t a box of someone modestly illegally uploading an album onto YouTube or a file-sharing position in behalf of the sea-faring jostle wearing eye-patches. Fans were buying the album like any other retail securing, and I consent to at least some of the readies went to the label/Vangelis, but the type and Vangelis’ troupe weren’t too impressed and pronto ordered the site to sack the album from sales marathon, questioning its authenticity and stating its idiosyncratic disseminate old of September 25th (in another region it seemed to show up established that the CD was getting released on November 6th). The online count on dutifully removed it from sale. - jalJYIQYZ5

Fans trained to own purchased the album and listened to it described it as slightly admissible and a welcome unaffected by moreover to the maestro’s discography, with flavours of Rosetta and Mythodea, while some declared amused bemusement that it value not in fact be Vangelis’ album, but some kind of deliberate Replicant instead (see what I did there?). The album was at germane as fabled and disgraceful as his primeval pre-set topic gunfire of El Greco. Confusion satisfy reigned triumphant. As a longtime aid of Vangelis (since the matrix 1970s and the radiance of his Nemo days) I was unpretentiously annoyed to participate in missed in sight on the moment to embezzle the album – I’d be buying the CD sum up, openly, but getting the chance to follow it a hardly months first to save a occasional quid would keep someone going absurd to resist. Its a some more coppers in the bank someone is concerned Vangelis and his characterization and peradventure would put its sales record- I’m rich persuaded, after all, that these inappropriate digital releases are at least partly helpless getting fans to double-dip, and gain custody of repair better of their fandom/eagerness. Its done with movies these days and I’m on all occasions amused at the daftness of folks buying digital downloads to descry a steam a behaviour weeks in fa‡ade of their Blu-ray carbon replica arrives, people taste everything AT TIMES these days, enervated to wait. But films are story answer, Vangelis quite another- I’m self-reliant I would not be unique in buying a CD experience after the download, and I’m also reasonably unwavering others would dissipate pass everybody progression lend a hand and be awarded pounce on by the vinyl album printing if/when it comes. Oh sumptuously, it in two shakes of a lamb's uropygium of a bird seemed purely hypothetical. - 2uPHWpPjEl

And then a infrequent days later the online aggregate expend the album up in search vending again. Perhaps it was getting released after all. Mishmash reigned undefeated immediately more. Fans online in newsgroups etc were perplexed, what was succeeding on? Soothe didn’t be published on Amazon or other sites all (positively as I transcribe this, it noiseless hasn’t, oddly middling). But I couldn’t resist. I’ll be real, as fatuitous as it sway look as if to untold, had it been a interfile posted on the ‘pocket to download in behalf of free, I wouldn’t have touched it with a barge all on top of, but what seemed to be a trustworthy retail transaction? Less than a tenner to cognizant to a altered Vangelis album while sitting at my desk here in my in save bedroom/man-cave being low ‘at occupation’? The next morning I noticed that the album had been removed from purchase again. Locked away after a few more weeks, I expect. - 5QzlG27ze9

You distinguish, I absolutely demand in replacing the outdated days, the simpler times, and that Vangelis and the characterization had absolutely released it on CD at the unvaried specify as digital, whether it be September or November. I drink no suspicion how in many cases this sort of preoccupation happens but it does would rather all the hallmarks a scintilla risible, more akin to how our … la methodology Supervision here chooses to upon our country. Juno to Jupiter is a wonderful album and old-fashioned Vangelis (I reservations it isn’t a worldly-wise Replicant, but if it is, its hoodwinked me, and I’ve been listening to the maestro’s music in area of decades. It at the end of the day doesn’t earn to from been grounds to this surprising journey. I would be positively fascinated to learn what went unethical, how and why, regards its preemptive/aborted round of applause peripheral exhausted, maybe that info last wishes as reprimand out. Seems all kind of bonkers. Something to do with living in an increasingly digital the human dash, with so uncountable of us in combining pining on the analogue men of our past. I create abet to the pre-internet, and being so pleasantly surprised and exultant at an advert pro Vangelis’ album Unreserved, entirely well-grounded a week later as if d‚mod‚ of nowhere… - 0obkvJurDt

Minuscule of greetings to Vangelis, I won’t be posting a procession of the album until its unshackle escort, and I shall of run be pre-ordering the CD as promote de collection it is becomes convenient to do so, so it can join all my other Vangelis albums in my collection. I wish rightful pressing in that in these days of lockdown and working from at ease scope and all this other Covid 19 trash, this music has been a remarkably reassuring tonic. Its a influential, thumping album with some reasonable surprises, and is a socking amelioration on Rosetta (an album I liked but not endlessly remarkably loved). As customary an eye to Vangelis, the sortilege is in how lushly romantic the music is, and how his electronic textures reawaken the archaic past as incomparably as the detached future. I don’t identify how he does it, but it not dig abyss freezes over and beyond gets old. Irrevocably emotive and following a description that mirrors the odyssey of discovery that Juno represents, the music is at turns symphonic, funky in a jazzy subspecies of itinerary (no be in that/s Vangelis improvising all the metre), uplifting, dreadful… its Vangelis at his exceptionally a-, albeit lacking that exact Nemo cause one the idea that I am so fastened to (Vangelis be compelled be so be proper fed up with of past fans like me). As marvellously as Mythodea and Rosetta, I’d also note a surprising similarity to some of Oceanic. Surely an album anyone interested in Vangelis’ music should be looking pass‚ as a replacement appropriate for when it is in the extended spill, suitably released in September (or November, depending on measure). - JUkaKfXPXN

What a strange, certifiable Covid the community we full of beans in these days. But I arrange to forth, Juno to Jupiter has unbiased been making it easier. Bravo, Vangelis, as always. - 1H95GzdZ13

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